Building and Program Area Security:

Making sure that children are safe and protected from outside intrusion is a priority for both parents and child care providers.

Located within the Community Early Learning Center, Bridges Child Enrichment Center is accessible only with unique security codes provided to our staff and families. Visitors are required to check in at the main office prior to entry into the building.

Entry into Bridges CEC’s program area is also accessible only with Bridges CEC staff or parent security codes.

Authorized Individuals:

Bridges CEC’s policy ensures that children are released only to a parent or authorized adult. Emergency Contact Cards (ECC) are completed during the registration process and only those authorized individuals will be allowed to “pick up” a child from Bridges CEC’s program.

Any individual that is not recognized by our staff, will be required to show a driver’s license or personal identification card to verify their identity on a particular child’s ECC. If the individual is not verified to be on the ECC, the child’s parent / guardian will be contacted to give authorization for the individual.

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