MCG 1108-sm

We provide care that is safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate for the youngest children. Children ages six weeks to two years must have room to explore and experience the world around them. Secure surroundings and plenty of adult interaction create strong foundations for a child’s life.

At Bridges CEC, you will find that:

  • Adults listen and respond to the sounds infants make, imitate them and interact with babies in a gentle, supportive way.
  • Rooms are cheerful and decorated at a baby’s eye level with pictures of people’s faces, friendly animals and other familiar objects.
  • Toys are safe, washable and too large for infants to swallow.
  • A wide range of toys are displayed on open shelves so that little ones can choose the toys which interest them.
  • The environment is safe. Electrical outlets are covered and no hazardous substances are within a child’s reach.
  • Parents are viewed as the child’s primary source of affection and care. Staff members support parents and work with them


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