Four year old kindergarten (4K) provides all young children with the opportunity to participate in a quality early learning program that provides a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Children build the social and pre-academic skills that contribute to future success in school. Benefits of 4K include: the guarantee of a DPI licensed teacher, curriculum that addresses the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards for preschool children, opportunities for early identification of potential learning needs and intervention, expanded parent involvement and education opportunities, and additional resources to maintain and build on quality early learning programming.

What 4K looks like in the Appleton Area School District:

  • 4K in Appleton is universal for all 4 year olds and voluntary
  • 4K is a comprehensive child development program providing high quality learning opportunities for all four year old children and their families prior to 5K
  • Appleton Community 4K is implemented using a Community-Based Collaborative Model that builds on existing early learning programs, child care centers, private preschools, Head Start programs, and faith based programs in partnership with the AASD to provide quality early childhood education for four year olds.
  • All Appleton Community 4K teachers must be licensed through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI).

Bridges Child Enrichment Center is a 4K Community Site, offering two classrooms of integrated 4K programming.

For additional information, please see Appleton Community 4K’s website at the following link: 

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