Preschoolers explore and discover through firsthand experience. They are learning to make friends, become independent and “do it myself!” Young preschoolers need plenty of materials, space and time to exercise their curiosity about the world. We provide challenging materials and activities. By guiding the children’s own daily planning, new ideas are explored and planning/problem-solving skills are developed. There is time for children to pursue individual interests and group activities.

At Bridges CEC, you will find that:

  • Adults support children’s play and developing independence, helping when needed but allowing children to do what they are capable of doing and want to do for themselves.
  • Children are comforted and encouraged when they revert to toddler behavior or have occasional accidents with toileting, spilled food, unfinished jobs, etc.
  • Beginning friendships are encouraged.
  • Quantities of art supplies, toys such as pegs, puzzles and blocks, and outdoor play equipment like balls and tricycles are available. Children plant seeds and pour water to learn about cause-and-effect.
  • Adults patiently answer “why?” and “how come?” and respond to children’s rapidly expanding vocabulary and verbal skills.
  • Staff help parents prepare for the child’s next areas of development. They listen and respond to parent concerns.
  • Activities are designed to develop children’s self-esteem and positive feelings toward learning.
  • Children select many of their own activities from a variety of play areas and materials; they engage in play-acting, blocks, science, math games and puzzles, books, art and music.
  • Children work individually or in small, informal groups.
  • Children experiment with writing by drawing, copying, and inventing their own spelling.
  • Routines are followed that help children keep themselves healthy and safe.

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