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Always happy and excited to go to school...

Dear Project Bridges,

Anabella Emille is always happy and excited to go to school at Project Bridges Daycare and Preschool. Although she can be very shy with the teachers, she has nothing but great things to say after a whole day at Project Bridges. Anabella comes home talking about her day, what her teachers and friends did that day with her and everything is very positive. Both my husband and I feel very good about our decision of placing our Anabella at Project Bridges, the best center we know. Alexandra Isabel, now 6 years old, previously attended Project Bridges in the past location. She has only great memories of when she learned and played with her teachers and friends, and Alexandra is always excited to go visit her former teachers. Most of the teachers have been part of Project Bridges for a long time and we feel the teachers are a very committed team and from what we have seen, they work well individually and together to meet every child's needs. They are a great, dedicated, awesome and wonderful staff, which includes Ms. Annie and the office staff.  We have experienced other centers, this is why we feel Project Bridges is one of the best, if not the best, of the best.  For those who don't know Project Bridges also has scholarships for special needs and for English as a second language. We just feel very blessed and very grateful with the Executive Director Nicole and everyone at Project Bridges.

Thank you all so very much for all your hard work, because it shows...
Orozco Family

Like extended family...

Project Bridges has become an extended family. I am grateful for the excellent staff and care that is provided. I love the variety that can be found in the center, and I feel my son is more prepared for dealing with unique situations that might occur in the real world as he grows older. I think he has been allowed to develop at his own pace while still being encouraged to try new things. His caregivers have helped develop his tolerance for others and given him coping skills when dealing with what could be difficult people and situations. As a whole it will help him be a better community member as he grows, and I am thankful to center in assisting us encourage his character.

Jacqueline K.

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